Is technology Good or Bad for us?

Is technology making our lives better or are we really just adding layers and layers of complexity

March 10th in Stockholm, Sweden

Ricky Knox

Ricky Knox is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is Chairman of ForMore, an ethical wealth management platform and the Founder of Tandem Bank (CEO from inception to July 2021), an app-based bank that aims to revolutionize banking to save people and planet. 

Ricky has helped create a series of technology disruptors in Fintech/telecoms. He co-founded GSM Systems (global mobile telephony network services provider) in 2003 and is a Founder of Small World Financial Services Group, a global money transfer business with over £5bn of transfers - one of the world’s largest international money transfer operators. In 2012, he co-founded Azimo, a social digital payments platform that enables simple, fast and secure remittances to 198 countries around the world (remaining as Non-Executive Director until 2018).

Ricky has been investing in Fintech businesses since 2003, and has backed other notable Fintech businesses such as Curve, Comply Advantage, Vitesse, Liberis and Modulr.

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Stephan Erne

Stephan has more than 20 years of top level industry transformation experience and holds the role as Chief Digital Officer at Handelsbanken since September 2016. He has been with Ericsson for 10 years where he was Director of Strategic Marketing and Networked Society Evangelist.

Prior to his work at Ericsson, Stephan was the Senior Executive Vice President of Strategy and Sales Coordination at T-Systems in Germany, Deutsche Telekom´ s ICT Service Provider unit. Stephan had also served in a variety of roles within Deutsche Telekom including Sales, Executive assistant to the CEO, Strategy and Business Development.

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Mattias Fras

Mattis Fras is leading the development in AI and surrounding technologies within Nordea Group. He is passionate about AI and the great potential that it provides in general and to the financial services in particular.


He has a background as management consultant across industries with focus on CEO/CFO challenges that has provided him with experience and skills in areas such as operational strategy and efficiency, operating model changes, globalisation & regulatory impacts, organisation alignment, business strategy and change management.

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Chris Skinner

One of the worlds most known futurist and commentator on the Financial markets, and fintech through his blog, the,  author of the bestselling books Digital BankValueWeb, Digital Human and Doing Digital.


Chris has been voted one of the most influential people in financial technology and has been an advisor to the White House, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

Epicenter Store, Regeringsgatan 61, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden

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Is technology making our lives better or are we really just adding layers and layers of complexity? Will we eventually find the limit of our brains in the digital world or should we return to a simpler lifestyle of human relationships? Your views count and we will be debating these questions in depth at the March NFI meet-up.

Chris Skinner  |  Chairman of the Board, NFI



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Welcome to the Quarterly Meeting (Iren Tranvag-CEO at NFI)


Is technology good or bad for us? Chris Skinner-Chairman of the Board at NFI


Tandem, Ricky Knox-CEO


Fireside chat Ricky Knox and Chris Skinner


Coffee Break


Handelsbanken, Stephan Erne,  Group CDO


Nordea, Mattias Fras, Group Head of AI Hub


Debate Stephan Erne and Mattias Fras moderated by Chris Skinner


Folksam , Lars Engvall, Head of Digital Customer Experience & Data at Folksam TBA


Coop Sweden, Charlotta Szczepanowski, Head of Sustainability


Open Discussion (Moderator-Discussion with Everyone in the room)


Conclusion of the day by Chris Skinner

16:00 - 18:00

Networking Tapas



Charlotta has worked with sustainability for more than 20 years in national and international companies such as Electrolux, The Swedish Post and Riksbyggen. She is now director of sustainability and quality in Coop Sweden.

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Iren Tranvåg

A passionate and visionary entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the banking / finance industry. Over the years she has built a tremendous Global network through her enthusiasm and engagement for Global collaboration and co-creation.



Former Global Head of Open Innovation at BBVA – where she designed and developed the Open Innovation project since its beginning. This experience has given her a unique understanding of both the corporate and startup worlds, needed to develop successful collaborations. She has  developed a close-knit, global network of allies and partners that have proven critical to the success of the open innovation project.